A portal for miracles.

1 min readOct 29, 2021
(Photo by @tama66, for Unsplash)

There is nothing like a clear mind.


A clear mind is a portal for miracles.

It’s like opening the windows wide-open to the abundance of life, shouting:

‘Hello joy, hi creativity, welcome empathy and patience and kindness, please come in and feel welcome!’

It is like that.

Profoundly transformative.

Endlessly expanding.

The windows keep opening wider, and wider, and wider, and the light finds its way in, brighter, brighter, brighter.

Every day (and I mean: EVERY day) I am reminded of the utter, powerful, amazing simplicity of an empty head, a neutral stance, a peaceful position.

I call it space or emptiness or being(ness) and nothing comes even close.

Clarity is the big, gentle equalizer.

The starting point.

The resting place.

The launching platform.

The space where you get to enjoy life from the safest, most grounded but still intimate position.

Like gently holding a close friend who is shattered by sadness.

There’s love and empathy, and there’s knowing that everything is alright.

Now, and always.

There is nothing like it.

And it is talking to you right now.


(Photo by @tama66, for Unsplash)


Marnix Pauwels. Author. Transformative Coach. Slowly getting to the place he never left. Exploring awe. How about simplicity?