Always missing out.

2 min readSep 5, 2022

You’re always missing out on life.

There’s always an event you’re not visiting.

There’s always better sex somewhere else.

There are always countries you haven’t visited yet (and of course there are many people who are there right now, rubbing it in).

You could always lose some weight, or gain some muscle.

You could always have more money.

Or be a bit happier.

There’s always THAT book you should read.

Or write, for that matter.

There’s always a party going on without you, even if you’re at a party right now.

There are always amazing people out there that you don’t know and probably never will.

There are countless adventures going on without you.

So, yeah, there’s always something.

But is there, really?

You also never miss out on life.

Never, ever.

Because life is what’s happening right now.

Not what could happen, or might have happened, or what’s happening in your fantasy and your wildest dreams.

There’s no life besides this one, right now.

Not a better life, a more complete life, a more fulfilling life, a more successful life, a more glorious, or a more Instagram fähig life.

This is it.

Right now.

The only life you have.

How could you miss that?

(Photo by @giorgiotrovato, for Unsplash)




Marnix Pauwels. Author. Transformative Coach. Slowly getting to the place he never left. Exploring awe. How about simplicity?