Fear is just an overused tool.

2 min readOct 9, 2022

And there’s another one.

These deep, helpful insights just keep dropping.

What I realized is that fear is just a sensation.

Like a dark wave, apparently slowing down for a while (TOO long, obviously), before it moves on and disappears again.

It’s merely a feeling, a fleeting physical appearance.

But it’s not really connected to something that’s not there yet.

Fear is just an energetic shift.

It FEELS important, like the first sign of things to come, but that’s simply cleverly embedded in the experience.

It feels like ‘Start looking around NOW!’ and it feels like ‘I have to run away RIGHT THIS FUCKING MOMENT!’, but it’s not a warning.

It’s not about the future.

How could it foresee and know?

Fear is a standalone thing.

Fear is hardly ever a real and useful heads-up, something that’s supposed to keep us from a pending disaster: it just feels like that.

Uncomfortable, jittery, unclear.

It’s purely a psychological trick with some powerful physical backup.




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