Gracefully lost.

Sometimes I think about what would be helpful for you, the reader.

Things I could write about that add some value to your life.





Pieces of advice.

Books I’ve read, podcasts I’m listening to.


But when I go about it this way, I never come up with something that feels good.

I don’t work that way, obviously.

The truth of the matter is: I don’t know of a single thing that changed my life.

I have tried billions of things, sometimes for months in a row, and I have no clue which one of those was crucial or essential or decisive.

Maybe all of them.

Maybe none.

How do you know stuff like that?

I guess I don’t possess the tendency to stick to some exciting idea or habit or school forever, milking it like crazy.

Even the profound notion that everything we experience is basically thoughts coming to life, creating our very personal worlds, is not always helpful.

We still get lost, over and over again, because that is the nature of being human.

We consist of ideas and projections and inner creations, and even if we know that, even if we are deeply waking up to that, it still works that way.

As a human being, you can’t escape being a human.

Sometimes that seems to be the only thing I want.

To be fully beyond that.

To be untouched by the confusion of the illusion.

But then again: what would life look like if there was no one to experience it?

I am here, but I don’t really know as what or as who.

I don’t.

We are in a self-created place that will escape the grasp of our intellectual understanding with ease, all the time, forever.

We are allowed a limited amount of non-existing years in a non-existing world, through the senses of a non-existing entity.

I could never say anything that will bring you closer to the Truth, that will help you understand or figure this out, because: what IS there to figure out?

And yet that doesn’t seem to stop me from trying.

In my own way.

As life.

Not by giving you answers or providing you with steps.

Not by telling you what to do, to read, or how to live.

Not by claiming to know anything at all.

Maybe I am just showing you how to be gracefully lost.

(Photo by @andrewtneel, for Unsplash)



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