It’s not you.

2 min readFeb 16, 2022

Here’s a thing that is REALLY cool to know.

Every time I am worried about something, I know I’m in my head.

Every time I feel fearful, hopeless, depressed, or lost, I know I’m in my head.

Every time I feel like shit, I can only be in my head.

And when I’m in my head, I can’t see clear.

Which isn’t helpful.

Because clarity is exactly what I need, it’s ALL I need, when I’m feeling worried, fearful, hopeless, depressed or lost.

So instead of endlessly chewing on the problem or the feeling while floating in it, instead of running around in the darkness and trying to find my way out of the thoughts by adding more thinking, I take a step back.

And I realize:

I am in my head right now.

This is not my future.

This is not my past.

This is not even now.

It’s not me.

Just relax.

Don’t do stupid things.

Don’t go mental.

Don’t add to the storm.

Worry, fear, hopelessness and depressions are just signs, really very helpful hints that try to wake you up from the mental rubbish you seem to be caught in.

That’s all you need to know.

See the anguish and confusion as a message to become still and aware, to just stop.

That’s all.

The recognition is enough.

There’s nothing to do really.

Just know it.

Clutter = shitty feeling, shitty feeling = twisted reality, twisted reality = the worst place to find solutions or answers.

We are part of an amazing system.

And that is REALLY cool to know.

(Photo by @jplenio, for Unsplash)


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