Loving it ALL.

2 min readOct 18, 2022

Can you?

Can you love this moment, this pain, this emotion, this feeling?

Can you be present enough to love ALL of it?

Can you realize that you created this to fully love it and face it and be with it and not reject it?

There is no lesson to learn, just the invitation to love every single thing, every second, every element, every shiver of fear, every flame of rage.

Everything that happens in life is you, and as long as you run away from it or hide from it, it will come back, because you’re trying to run away or hide from yourself.

The scariest, most frustrating, and most threatening things, are nothing but the growing pile of denied shit that simply wants your attention and love.

But as long as it’s an idea, an image, a thought, a projection or a prediction, you’ll not be able to handle it and deal with it forever.


Because it’s not real and you can’t work with or change or really accept an image.

You can’t fight or accept or kill what’s not real.

The fantasy, the imagined thing, is actually way more terrible and crushing and out of control than the feeling you are trying to get away from itself.




Marnix Pauwels. Author. Transformative Coach. Slowly getting to the place he never left. Exploring awe. How about simplicity?