Playing the Blaming Game.

4 min readAug 15, 2022

I used to have many, many passive-aggressive traits.

Most of the time I felt wronged, mistreated, unappreciated and unseen.

Of course I constantly collected ‘data’ to confirm this (which was quite easy) and build my cases, and once every couple of months the shit hit the fan, and I totally lost it.

Completely out of nowhere, mostly.

Now I’m very happy to say that a lot of that shit has gone overboard in the last couple of years, but there’s still some of it left.

So let me share one of my fucked up, older habits.

To start, it’s helpful to know that I’m an absolute sucker for punctuality and keeping my promises.

If I tell you I’ll come back to you about something, tomorrow at 12.15, I will let you know, tomorrow, at 12.15.

Or 12.14.

I’m always early for appointments.

I’d rather wait for a bit than let people wait.

I like the idea of letting others know and feel they matter enough, by respecting their time and honoring our agreements.

Many people are not like that, at all.

Many people are incredibly preoccupied and they don’t really care too much about their…




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