Have you ever watched a depression from up close?

Do nothing.

‘Yeah, if only life was so simple!’, people often say to me.

(Photo by @freestocks, for Unsplash)

To my big surprise, I have become a giver.

(Photo by @cris_trung, for Unsplash)

When you know you’re alive, you have everything you need to know.

(Photo by @kevinhansenfoto, for Unsplash)

When I closed my eyes for a couple of minutes to do a haphazard meditation (I don’t meditate, normally) while listening to a guy in a YouTube-video, I once again realized how much thinking we have going on.

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This is what happens sometimes:

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There are many things I don’t like, and that’s fine.

(Photo by @mroz, for Unsplash)

For a long time I didn’t feel like a real man.


Marnix Pauwels. Schrijver. Expert verslaving/angst/depressie. Transformative Coach. Helpt mensen ‘n briljant leven voor zichzelf te ontdekken. Onderweg.

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